Tooth Extraction Healing Timeline

Need to get a tooth extracted in San Antonio but want to know what to expect? That's understandable.

Caring for an extraction site is paramount to ensuring you do not needlessly delay the process.

Check out this short blog post to discover the San Antonio tooth extraction healing timeline and some useful tips that can help speed it up.

How Does a Tooth Extraction Heal? 

Here’s a broad timeline of tooth extraction healing and the different stages your body will go through:

  • First 1-3 days: This is the inflammatory stage and will begin as soon as the tooth is pulled from its socket. You can experience pain, swelling, and some redness. The good news is that this is the stage at which patients experience these symptoms, and it is completely normal. You’ll gradually begin to feel better later on.
  • Next 6 weeks: During this time, the body will try to repair itself, and the inflammation will go down. In the beginning, you’ll notice the gums starting to close on the extraction site, but even when the hole isn’t visible anymore, the body is still repairing all the damaged tissue underneath. 
  • 12 weeks after your extraction: In this final stage, the body will rebuild the bone around the tooth socket. Again, this is a "silent" process and will not cause any symptoms or discomfort. 

How to Speed up Tooth Extraction Healing

Patients need to take greater care when they are in the inflammation stage. To be on the safe side, you should make minor adjustments to protect the extraction site for 1-2 weeks after your surgery. 

These precautions can include:

  • Oral hygiene: While you shouldn’t brush or poke the extraction site, keep the mouth clean with daily brushing and flossing to remove harmful bacteria;
  • Don’t smoke: Smoking can increase the risk of dry sockets and delay healing;
  • Skip the gym: Strenuous physical activity increases blood pressure, which can lead to bleeding;
  • Eat softer food: Go for foods that don’t require lots of chewing in the first few days after your surgery, and be sure to eat on the other side of the mouth until the extraction site closes;
  • Manage your discomfort: You’ll still be under the local anesthetic for a few hours after your surgery. But once it wears off, you can experience some pain and swelling for a few days. You can manage it with OTC pain medication like ibuprofen or by putting a cold compress on your cheek. 

Tooth Extractions at Smiles of Bulverde

As a general rule, San Antonio dentists Dr. Jamie Knox and Dr. Lisa Ding will always prioritize saving the tooth from extraction using the many tools and methods that modern dentistry provides. 

However, if extraction is unavoidable, our team will make sure you’re comfortable and get personalized tips on how to speed up healing.

Request a consultation for tooth extractions at Smiles of Bulverde online or call us at (210) 907-8666.

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