Pediatric Hospital Dentistry in San Antonio, TX

If your child has complex dental needs or requires major oral surgery, pediatric hospital dentistry from Smiles of Bulverde may be right for them. We’re credentialed to practice in multiple medical facilities in the San Antonio area.

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pediatric hospital dentistry in San Antonio

What Is Pediatric Hospital Dentistry?

As the name suggests, pediatric hospital dentistry is a type of pediatric dentistry that’s administered in a hospital setting. The primary advantage of pediatric hospital dentistry is that it allows your child to be sedated with general anesthesia. This means they will be completely unconscious during their procedure. This makes it easier for children with complex oral health issues or kids with special needs to get the care they need in San Antonio. Call us today to learn more!

San Antonio pediatric hospital dentist

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With hospital dentistry, your child can get treatment for even the most complex dental issues in a safe, continuously-monitored environment.

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The Benefits Of Pediatric Hospital Dentistry

Enhanced safety

In a hospital setting, there will always be nurses and doctors to keep an eye on your child’s vital signs before, during, and after their treatment. This means that patients who can’t be safely treated in a traditional dental office can still get the care they need.

Ideal for special needs patients

Children with complex developmental, physical, and or emotional issues can get safe and effective special needs dental care from the team at Smiles of Bulverde in a hospital environment.

Kids won’t remember anything

Unlike other types of pediatric dental sedation, general anesthesia will make your child completely unconscious. They won’t remember anything about their procedure, or feel any pain. In pediatric hospital dentistry, a trained anesthesiologist will sedate your child and ensure their safety throughout their entire treatment.

The Pediatric Hospital Dentistry Process

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First, you will meet with a San Antonio pediatric dentist at Smiles of Bulverde, and discuss your child’s medical history and needs. Dr. Lisa Ding can determine if pediatric hospital dentistry is necessary for your child, or if they can receive treatment in a traditional dental office.

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Hospital intake

If your child is approved for hospital dentistry, you’ll be referred to one of our local hospital partners. You and your child will need to come to the hospital as scheduled to be admitted to the facility.

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Treating your child

The specifics of your child’s treatment will vary, depending on their special needs, the complexity of their oral health issues, and other factors. Dr. Ding and our dental team will work closely with hospital staff to deliver top-notch care for your little one.

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Aftercare and hospital release

Usually, your child will be released within a day of their procedure. After you and your little one are sent home, make sure to follow the recovery instructions provided by the hospital, and by Dr. Ding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pediatric hospital dentistry is a very specialized type of treatment. Most children can get all of the dental care they need at Smiles of Bulverde, and won’t need to visit a hospital for care. 

The only way to find out if your child is a good candidate for pediatric hospital dentistry is to visit Smiles of Bulverde and meet with San Antonio dentist Dr. Lisa Ding. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and find out if pediatric hospital dentistry is right for your child.

Hospital dentistry is usually recommended for kids who have serious medical issues, special needs, or complex oral health problems. If it’s not safe for your child to get dental treatment in a dental office environment, hospital dentistry from Smiles of Bulverde may be the right choice for your little one.

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